Rotek Industries SOC Limited and Roshcon SOC Limited

Rotek SOC Limited and Roshcon SOC Limited are wholly owned subsidiaries of Eskom and strive to live up to its new vision to become for Eskom a world-class energy industry support service company. Previously known as Rotek, Roshcon and Rotran, these 3 single entities unofficially merged during most of 2011 to meet future challenges, shift performance and grow sustainability into the future. Rotek and Roshcon operate as one company and this will be formalised after PFMA approval.

The development of the new vision required a new organisational structure. All Support Services are clustered under Finance, (including Commercial & Shared Services), Human Capital Management, Risk and Resilience (including SHEQ) and Strategic Enablement. Products are now clustered under Product Groupings. Rotek and Roshcon business processes, people and systems are now strategically aligned to ensure flexibility and agility that guarantees quicker response to Eskom's dynamic strategic direction. As Eskom evolves to shift performance and grow sustainably, Rotek and Roshcon will support Eskom every step of the way.

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